In Ibiza Insurances we have been assuring our clients for more than 30 years. We specialize in insurance for people but also for business.
In each case we carry out a personalized study of the insurance needs of our prospective clients for free.

seguros de auto ibiza

Third party from  160€

It does not matter if your insurance is a tourism, a van, a motorcycle or a truck.

In Ibiza Insurances we take care of you with the best service possible through the best companies of the Spanish market. Ask us and we will send you a free quote.




Whether you want to insure damage to your home, or your Civil Liability in front of your neighbors and other third parties you must entrust the insurance to a great company.

From less than € 100 a year and up to Todorriesgo insurance (yes, all risk) you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

Did you know...

... can you cover other risks outside your home?

Your Home insurance covers the out-of-home burglary for you and your family members. In addition the civil liability of Head of Family covers you for those damages that may cause for example your children to third persons.

... some insurance covers Appliance Repair?

Yes, white line appliances and with some age limits and repair value but yes. Many times it is included by default.

... and DIY?

As you can hear, most companies today make available to their customers several hours per year of their Assisted services for example, changing the mechanism of a water tank or some masonry services.


 100 m2 flat built in  1990 for  175€


250 m2 House built in 2010 for  360€

home insurance
  • 100% coverage of all treatments with no cost limit at contracted hospitals and with contracted physicians.

  • 90% reimbursement with world-wide choice of physicians

  • Stable evolution of fees from 50€/month

  • No waiting/deferment period if you change from another private health insurance to our companies.

  • Full orientation for the insured party: telephone customer service 24 hours a day to assist with any administration procedure and respond to any query.

With the confidence of:

1st Health Insurance

Company in Spain

1st Insurance Company in The World

A 38 years old person from  50€/month

(without reimbursement)

business insurances

In Ibiza Insurances we are specialists in business insurances, these are the steps we folow to give you the best service:

1.- We visit you.

We study your sector, make an appointment with you and study your specific insurance needs


2.- We prepare a customized project.

Based on these needs we study which companies adapt to your business and we present a global assurance offer: Property Damage, Civil Liability, Social Security ...


3.- Your insurance and Us.

If you choose us as mediators we will give you all the information in writing, online and offline and we will provide you with all the phones and contact forms that you need to find us easily when you need us. And remember we have a physical office here in Ibiza.


4.- After sales

We accompany you with the changes that are occurring in your company over the years and we are with you to update at all times your needs and, therefore, your policies. In short we do not forget you.