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Health insurance

Why health insurance in Ibiza?
  • Avoid waiting lists for inquiries and operations.

  • Freedom of Choice of doctors and centers throughout Spain

  • Direct access to Medical Specialists without prior authorization

  • Single room with companion

  • Benefits that you do not have in the Social Security (At. Tlf. 24 hours…)

  • In Ibiza it includes the Policlínica Nuestra Señora del Rosario

  • It includes the most prestigious medical centers and hospitals, such as Clínica Teknon, Grupo Hospitales de Madrid, Grupo Quirón-USP, 

  • Significant discounts for insured numbers and forms of payment.

  • Possibility of contracting without copays.

  • Home Emergency Care .

  • Preventive medicine  with recognition.

  • Contractable modules such as University Clinic of Navarra or dental module.

"Different products Adeslas for different needs"

The best-selling ADESLAS insurance. Extensive coverage in private medicine, specialties, diagnoses, emergencies and hospitalization in the best centers in Spain.

With average copays but limited to €260 per year .

from 35  €/month

All private medicine at your disposal with the Adeslas medical directory without copays.

Remember that if you are self-employed you can deduct up to €500/year.

With Reimbursement of Physiotherapy outside the medical chart included. Also psychology, acupuncture...

from55 /month

In addition to all of the above product warranties, you get reimbursement for 80% of medical bills worldwide. But if you go to concerted clinics you will continue without paying anything, of course. For those who do not like to give up anything.

from79 /month

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