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At Ibiza Insurances we have been insuring our Ibizan clients for more than 30 years. We are specialists in insurance for individuals but also for companies .

In each case we carry out a personalized study of the insurance needs of our potential clients free of charge.

business insurance

At Ibiza Insurances we are specialists in business insurance, these are the steps we follow to give you the best service:

1.- We visit your company.

We study your sector, make an appointment with you and study your specific insurance needs.


2.- We prepare a personalized project.

Based on these needs, we study which companies adapt to your business and present you with a global insurance offer: Property Damage, Civil Liability, Social Security...


3.- Your insurance and Us.

We will give you all the information in writing, online and offline and we will provide you with all the telephone numbers and contact forms you need so that you can easily find us when you need us. And remember that we have a physical office here in Ibiza.


4.- Post-sale

We accompany you with the changes that occur in your company over the years and we are with you to update your needs and, therefore, your policies at all times. In short, we do not forget about you.

Home Insurance

Whether you want to insure the damage to your home, or your Civil Liability against your neighbors and other third parties, you must entrust the insurance to a large company.


From less than €100 per year and up to all-risk insurance (yes, all-risk) you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

Did you know...


...can you cover other risks outside your home?

Your Home insurance covers robbery outside the home for you and your family members. In addition, the civil liability of the Head of Family covers you for those damages that your children may cause to third parties, for example.


...some insurances cover the Repair of Electrical Appliances?

Yes, white goods and with some age and repair value limits, but yes. Many times it is included by default.


... and DIY?

As you hear it, most companies today make their Assistance services available to their clients several hours a year to, for example, change the mechanism of a toilet tank or some masonry services.

Example 1:

100 m2 apartment from the year 1990  for €175


House of 250 m2 from the year 2010 for €360

car insurance
seguros de auto ibiza

Third parties from €160

It does not matter if your insurance is a car, a van, a motorcycle or a truck.


At Ibiza Insurances we serve you with the best possible service through the best companies in the Spanish market. Ask us and we will send you a budget without commitment.



savings and investment

What is more important to you when investing in Savings or Investment. Trust, Security, Flexibility, Profitability?


Do you still entrust the management of your investments to Bank Entities? The work of Insurance Agents specialized in Savings and Investment like us has become more necessary after the last financial crisis.


Insurers have not suffered structural problems as banks have, and proof of this is that some, like Allianz, have a higher financial rating than any Spanish bank.

unit linked

(investment funds)

Participate in the investment in income from €600 according to your investor profile.


Set your monthly fee and start saving today from €60 and with a tax discount


Guarantee your savings for a fixed term without taking risks and with incredible returns.


Let us advise you to choose the plan that best suits your profile.

Life and Accident Insurance

What would your family do if something had happened to you yesterday?

In what situation would you have been if you could not continue with your work?

Did you know that it costs the same -or less- to insure yourself than your car?


There are multiple options in Life insurance: Death, Disability, Illness, Repatriation, Double Capital due to orphanhood or Accident, temporary disability, Death

In addition, we guarantee that your insurance will be  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS cheaper than your financial institution . Why do you keep paying so much money for less guarantees than you deserve?


Just ask us and we'll answer any questions.  Tell us a capital or the coverage you want and we'll answer you in less than 24 hours with a better price than your bank. GUARANTEED!

Un hombre  de  35 años con 150.0000€ de capital sale  por  _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 189€

Related Insurance:

Hire your health insurance with an arranged plan and all the specialties and enjoy your health without waiting from €49/month


Receive compensation for each day you are hospitalized. From €99 per month



Do not let convalescence due to illness or accident also harm you financially.

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